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Mount the unit on a wall 1Attach the mounting template on a wall and mark for
the screw holes.
2Remove the mounting template from the wall, then
install commercially available screws (as illustrated
below) at the points marked on the wall.
• When mounting the unit on a wall, all installation work
must be performed by a qualified contractor or dealer. The
customer must never attempt to perform this installation
work. Improper or inadequate installation could cause the
unit to fall, resulting in personal injury.
• To prevent the unit from falling, attach it to a wall
constructed of drywall (plasterboard).
• Make sure you use commercially available screws that
can support the weight of the installation (specified in Step
2 on the right). Using clamps other than specified screws,
such as short screws, nails, and two-sided tape, may
cause the unit to fall.
• Fix the cables in place where they will not become loose.
If your foot or hand accidentally gets caught on a loose
cable, the unit may fall.
• Do not lean on the unit or apply excessive force to the top
of the unit. Doing so may cause the unit to fall.
• Check that the unit is fixed securely after the installation.
Yamaha will bear no responsibility for any accidents
caused by improper installations.
Tapes or thumbtacks
Mounting template (supplied)
Screw holes
7 to 9 mm
(1/4" to 3/8")
13 to 15 mm (1/2" to 5/8")
4 mm (#8)
20 mm (3/4")
or more
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