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The HDMI control function (link function) coordinates operation of a TV and the unit so that the unit can be operated using the TV’s remote
When a TV is connected to the unit with an HDMI cable (p. 22), the TV’s remote control can be used to perform the following operations.
Coordinated functions via the TV remote control NOTE
If you are unable to operate the unit with your TV’s remote control, configure the
HDMI control function of your TV and the unit. See page 33 for more information.
Even if your TV supports the HDMI control function, some functions may not be
available. For details, refer to documentation supplied with your TV.
We suggest using devices (TV, BD/DVD player, etc.) from the same manufacturer.
Operating the unit by TV’s remote control (HDMI control)
Remote control of TV (Example)
2. Switch input sources
The unit’s input source switches accordingly when
the TV’s input source is switched.
- When a TV program is selected on the TV, the
unit’s audio input source is switched to the HDMI
OUT (ARC) jack using the ARC function or TV
- When a BD/DVD player is connected to the
HDMI IN jack on the unit, the unit’s input source
switches to HDMI when the BD/DVD player is
selected with the TV’s remote control.
The input source can be switched while the unit is
1. Turn on/off
Both the TV and this unit turn on/off at the same
3. Switch the audio output device
(TV or this unit (amplifier))
4. Adjust volume
This unit's volume can be adjusted when the
TV’s audio output is set to this unit (amplifier).
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