En 31
3Select “YAS-107 Yamaha” in the Bluetooth device list
on the device.
If a passkey (PIN) is required, enter the number “0000”.
When the connection is established, the indicator or a
completion message is displayed on the Bluetooth device, and
the BLUETOOTH indicator on the unit glows.
4Play back a song on the Bluetooth device.
Terminating Bluetooth connection
Bluetooth connection is terminated in the following cases.
The Bluetooth function is turned off on the compatible device.
The BLUETOOTH key on the unit’s remote control is pressed for
more than 3 seconds.
The unit is turned off.
When the Bluetooth connection is terminated with the unit turned on,
the BLUETOOTH indicator flashes and the unit enters the connection
wait status.
YAS-107 Yamaha
PIN 0 0 0 0
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