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Using the Bluetooth standby function
The Bluetooth standby function allows you to turn on or off the unit
automatically, linked with the operation of the Bluetooth device.
1With the unit turned on, hold down the BLUETOOTH
STANDBY key on the unit’s remote control for more
than 3 seconds.
Holding down the BLUETOOTH STANDBY key for 3 seconds
switches function status between enabled and disabled.
When the free HOME THEATER CONTROLLER app is installed on a
Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or other device, various operations
(basic operation of the unit, selection of a surround mode, adjustment
of sound settings, etc.) can be easily performed using the Bluetooth
To use the app, connect the unit and a Bluetooth device via Bluetooth connection.
If the Bluetooth standby function is enabled, the unit will be turned on with the
Bluetooth device.
For details on the “HOME THEATER CONTROLLER” app, see the
product information on our website.
Enabling the Bluetooth standby function allows the unit to be turned on
or off using a Bluetooth device.
Power on interlock function (when the unit is turned off)
When Bluetooth connection is made on the device, the unit will turn on
and will be ready to play back sound from the device.
Power off interlock function (when the unit is turned on)
The unit will be turned off when Bluetooth connection is terminated on a
Bluetooth device. (Only when BLUETOOTH is selected as the input
Flash 3 times (enabled), flash once (disabled; default)
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