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Remote control
No surround effect. Stereo playback is selected. Select surround playback or 3D surround playback (p. 26).
The volume is too low. Turn up the volume (p. 28).
The TV or playback device is set to output 2 channel
audio (such as PCM) only.
Change the digital audio output setting on the TV or playback
device to BitStream.
Sound is also heard from the TV built-in speakers. Set the TV volume to minimum (p. 29).
The listening position is too close to the unit. The listening position should be at some distance from the unit.
Noise is heard. The unit is too close to another digital or high-frequency
Move those devices away from the unit.
Video is not displayed on TV
The HDMI cable is not securely connected. Connect the HDMI cable properly (p. 22).
When the unit is turned off,
video and/or audio from a
playback device are not
output to the TV.
The HDMI control function is disabled. Enable the HDMI control function (p. 33).
Problem Cause Remedy
The unit cannot be operated
using the remote control.
The unit is out of the operating range. Use the remote control within the operating range (p. 13).
The batteries are weak. Replace with new batteries (p. 14).
The remote control sensor of the unit is exposed to direct
sunlight or strong lighting.
Adjust the lighting angle, or reposition the unit.
The TV cannot be operated
using the TV’s remote
The unit is blocking the TV’s remote control sensor. Position the unit so that it does not obstruct the TV’s remote
control sensor.
Problem Cause Remedy
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