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personnel mounts the unit on a wall. The unit could fall and cause injury. Installation
requires special skills and experience.
Hearing loss
Do not use the unit for a long period of time at a high or uncomfortable volume level,
since this can cause permanent hearing loss. If you experience any hearing loss or
ringing in the ears, consult a physician.
Before connecting the unit to other devices, turn off the power for all devices. Also,
before turning the power of all devices on or off, make sure that all volume levels
are set to the minimum. Failing to do so may result in hearing loss, electric shock,
or device damage.
When turning on the AC power in your audio system, always turn on the unit LAST,
to avoid hearing loss and speaker damage. When turning the power off, the unit
should be turned off FIRST for the same reason. Failure to observe the above may
cause hearing impairment or speaker damage.
Remove the power plug from the AC outlet before cleaning the unit. Failure to
observe this may cause electric shocks.
Handling caution
Do not insert your hand or fingers into the bass reflex port (hole on the sides) of this
unit. Failure to observe this may cause injury.
Do not insert foreign materials such as metal or paper into the ventilation holes/
bass reflex port (hole on the sides) of this unit. Failure to observe this may cause a
fire, electric shocks, or malfunctions. If foreign material gets into the unit,
immediately shut off the power and pull the power plug from the AC outlet and
request an inspection from the dealer where you purchased the unit or from
qualified Yamaha service personnel.
Keep small parts out of the reach of infants. Your children may accidentally swallow
Do not do the following:
- stand on or sit on the equipment.
- put heavy items on top of the equipment.
- place the equipment in a stack.
- apply unreasonable force to buttons, switches, input/output terminals, etc.
- hang on the equipment.
- lean against the equipment.
Avoid pulling the connected cables to prevent injuries or damage to the unit by
causing it to fall.
Do not operate the unit if the sound is distorting. Prolonged use in this condition
could cause overheating and result in fire.
Battery use
Risk of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same
equivalent type.
Do not use batteries other than specified batteries. Doing so cause fire, burns, or
inflammation due to leakage.
Do not put in a pocket or bag, carry, or store batteries together with pieces of metal.
The battery could short, burst, or leak, causing a fire or injury.
Always make sure all batteries are inserted in conformity with the +/- polarity
markings. Failure to do so might result in a fire, burns, or inflammation due to fluid
When the batteries run out, or if the unit is not to be used for a long time remove the
batteries from the remote control to prevent possible leakage of the battery fluid.
When storing or discarding batteries, insulate the terminal area by applying tape, or
some other protection. Mixing them with other batteries or metal objects can cause
a fire, burns, or inflammation due to fluid.
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