Indicates points that you must observe in order to
prevent product failure, damage or malfunction and
data loss, as well as to protect the environment.
Power / power cord
If not using the unit for a long period of time, be sure to pull the power plug from the
outlet. Even if the z (Power) has been turned off (indicators are turned off), a
minute current is still flowing.
Do not use this unit in the vicinity of other electronic equipment, such as a TV,
radio, AV unit, or mobile phone. Failure to observe this may cause this unit or the
TV or radio to produce noise.
Do not use this unit in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight, that becomes
extremely hot, such as near a heater, or extremely cold, or that is subject to
excessive dust or vibration. Failure to observe this may cause the unit's panel to
become deformed, the internal components to malfunction, or for operation to
become unstable.
Install this unit as far away from other electronic equipment as possible. Digital
signals from this unit may interfere with other electronic equipment.
If using a wireless network, avoid installing this unit near metal walls or desks,
microwave ovens, or other wireless network devices. Obstructions could shorten
the transmission distance.
If connecting external units, be sure to thoroughly read the manual for each unit and
connect them in accordance with the instructions. Failure to properly handle a unit
in accordance with the instructions could cause malfunctions.
Do not connect this unit to industrial units. Digital audio interface standards for
consumer use and industrial use are different. This unit has been designed to
connect to a consumer-use digital audio interface. Connections to an industrial-use
digital audio interface could not only cause this unit to malfunction, but could also
damage the speakers.
Do not place vinyl, plastic, or rubber products on this unit. Failure to observe this
may cause discoloration or deformation in the panel of this unit.
If the ambient temperature changes drastically (such as during unit transportation
or under rapid heating or cooling) and there is a chance condensation may have
formed in the unit, leave the unit for several hours without turning on the power until
it is completely dry before use. Using the unit while there is condensation can cause
When cleaning the unit, use a dry, soft cloth. Using chemicals such as benzine or
thinner, cleaning agents, or chemical scrubbing cloths can cause discoloration or
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