11. Manage the WAN and LAN
Network Settings
This chapter describes how you can manage the WAN and LAN network settings of the modem
The chapter includes the following sections:
Change the Physical WAN Connection Preference
Enable and Configure a VLAN
Set Up a Bridge for a Port Group or VLAN Tag Group
Enable Bridge Mode for an IPTV Device
Manage the WAN Security Settings
Set Up a Default DMZ Server
Manage IGMP Proxying
Manage NAT Filtering
Manage the SIP Application-Level Gateway
Manage the Modem Router’s LAN IP Address Settings
Manage the Router Information Protocol Settings
Manage Reserved LAN IP Addresses
Change the Modem Router’s Device Name
Manage the DHCP Server Address Pool
Disable the Built-In DHCP Server
Set Up and Manage Custom Static Routes
For information about the IPv4 Internet settings, IPV6 settings, and MTU size, see Chapter 3,
Manage the Internet Settings Manually.
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