Manage the WAN and LAN Network Settings
AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D6400
10. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.
Enable Bridge Mode for an IPTV Device
The modem router provides one physical DSL WAN interface and one physical Ethernet
WAN interface; either one or the other is enabled for Internet service. Whichever physical
WAN interface is enabled, it can be divided into two virtual interfaces: the Internet interface
and the IPTV interface. This section refers to these virtual interfaces. (For information about
changing the physical WAN interfaces, see Change the Physical WAN Connection
Preference on page 192.)
The modem router uses the virtual Internet interface for regular Internet service. Some
devices, such as an IPTV, cannot function behind the modem router’s network address
translation (NAT) service or firewall. In such a situation, the modem router can use the virtual
IPTV interface for Internet Protocol television (IPTV) service. By default, the virtual Internet
interface is enabled and the virtual IPTV interface is disabled. In most cases, if you are not
subscribed to IPTV service, you do not need to enable the virtual IPTV interface.
Based on what your Internet service provider (ISP) requires, for a device such as an IPTV to
connect to the ISP’s network directly, you can enable the bridge between the device and the
modem router’s virtual IPTV interface. In bridge mode, the LAN 4 port on the back panel of
the modem router is bound to the virtual IPTV interface. In bridge mode, you must connect
the device to LAN port 4.
If your ISP provides IPTV service in addition to regular Internet service and you are
subscribed to IPTV, you might need to configure and enable the IPTV virtual interface. You
might also need to configure one or more VLANs and set up a bridge:
For information about configuring VLANs, see Enable and Configure a VLAN on
page 192.
For information about setting up a bridge, see Set Up a Bridge for a Port Group or VLAN
Tag Group on page 194
For information about enabling and configuring the virtual IPTV interface, see one of the
following sections:
Manually Set Up an ADSL Internet Connection on page 47
Manually Set Up a VDSL Internet Connection on page 57
Manually Set Up a Cable of Fiber Internet Connection on page 66
To enable bridge mode for an IPTV device:
1. Launch a web browser from a computer or WiFi device that is connected to the network.
2. Type http://www.routerlogin.net.
A login window opens.
3. Enter the modem router user name and password.
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