Manage the Modem Router and Monitor the Traffic
AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D6400
5. Select ADVANCED > Administration > Backup Settings.
The Backup Settings page displays.
6. Click the Browse button and navigate to and select the saved configuration file.
The name of the backup file from which you can restore the configuration is
Follow the directions of your browser to locate and select the file.
7. Click the Restore button.
The configuration is uploaded to the modem router. When the restoration is complete, the
modem router reboots. This process takes about one minute.
To avoid the risk of corrupting the firmware, do not interrupt the
restoration. For example, do not close the browser, click a link, or
load a new page. Do not turn off the modem router. Wait until the
modem router finishes restarting and the Power LED turns solid
Recover the admin Password
NETGEAR recommends that you enable password recovery if you change the password for
the modem router user name admin. Then you can recover the password if it is forgotten.
This recovery process is supported in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers, but
not in the Safari browser.
For information about setting up password recovery, see Set Up Password Recovery on
page 38. The following procedure works only if you did set up password recovery.
To recover your password:
1. Launch a web browser from a computer or WiFi device that is connected to the network.
2. In the address field of your browser, type www.routerlogin.net.
A login window opens.
3. Click the Cancel button.
If password recovery is enabled, you are prompted to enter the serial number of the
modem router. The serial number is on the product label of the modem router.
4. Enter the serial number of the modem router.
5. Click the Continue button.
A page displays requesting the answers to your security questions.
6. Enter the saved answers to your security questions.
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