Install and Access the Modem Router and Its Network
AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D6400
If you did not yet power cycle the DSL modem, do the following:
a. Unplug your DSL modem’s power, leaving the DSL modem connected to the wall
jack for your Internet service.
b. If your DSL modem includes a battery backup, remove the battery.
c. Wait 10 seconds.
d. If your DSL modem includes a battery backup, reinsert the battery.
e. Plug in your DSL modem’s power and turn on your DSL modem.
f. Wait two minutes.
g. Select the I just power cycled the modem and waited for 2 minutes radio
h. Click the Next button.
20. (Only if the following page displays) Specify how to manage problems with the detection of
the IP address for the Internet connection.
The page that might display states that a problem occurred while the wizard was
detecting the Internet connection IP address.
Take one of the following actions:
If your ISP assigned you a fixed (static) IP address, do the following:
a. Select the Yes radio button.
b. Click the Next button.
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