Manage the Internet Settings Manually
AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D6400
13. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.
14. Click the Test button to test your Internet connection.
Idle Timeout (In Minutes) If you select Dial on Demand from the Connection Mode menu, enter the
idle time-out period in minutes.
The idle time-out specifies how long the modem router keeps the Internet
connection active when no one on the network is using the Internet
connection. The default is 5 minutes. To disable the idle time-out, enter 0.
(When you disable the idle time-out, the connection is not terminated
Internet IP Address
Get Dynamically from ISP Your ISP uses DHCP to assign your IP address. Your ISP automatically
assigns these addresses.
Use Static IP Address Enter the IP address, IP subnet mask, and gateway IP address that your
ISP assigned you for static IP address service. The gateway is the ISP
router to which your modem router connects.
Domain Name Server (DNS) Address
The DNS server is used to look up site addresses based on their domain names.
Get Automatically from ISP Your ISP uses DHCP to assign your DNS servers. Your ISP automatically
assigns this address.
Use These DNS Servers If you know that your ISP does not automatically transmit DNS addresses
to the modem router during login, select this option and enter the IP
address of your ISP primary DNS server. If a secondary DNS server
address is available, enter it also.
NAT (Network Address Translation)
NAT allows computers on your home network to share the modem router Internet connection. NAT is
enabled by default because it is required in most situations. Select the NAT setting:
Enable. NAT is enabled. This is the default setting. Leave this setting if no reason to disable NAT
Disable. NAT is disabled.
Router MAC Address
The Ethernet MAC address that the modem router uses on the Internet port. Some ISPs register the MAC
address of the network interface card in your computer when your account is first opened. They accept
traffic only from the MAC address of that computer. This feature allows your modem router to use your
computer’s MAC address (also called cloning).
Use Default Address Use the default MAC address.
Use Computer MAC Address The modem router captures and uses the MAC address of the computer
that you are now using. You must use the one computer that is registered
by the ISP.
Use This MAC Address Enter the MAC address that you want to use. By default, the field displays
the MAC address of the Internet port.
Field Description
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