Manage the Internet Settings Manually
AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D6400
If the NETGEAR website does not display within one minute, see Troubleshoot the
Internet Connection on page 276.
Manually Set Up a Cable of Fiber Internet Connection
You can view or change the modem router’s cable or fiber Internet connection settings
manually. The following sections describe the options that are available to you to manually
set up the cable or fiber Internet connection:
Specify a Cable or Fiber Connection Without a Login Requirement on page 66
Specify a Cable or Fiber Connection With a Login Requirement and PPPoE Service on
page 71
Note: Some ISPs require that you register on their website before you can
obtain Internet service. Follow the directions that your ISP gave you.
Note: If you connect both a DSL modem and a cable or fiber modem to the
modem router and you want to manually specify the settings for a
cable or fiber Internet connection, you must first set the WAN
connection preference manually to the Ethernet WAN port (see
Change the Physical WAN Connection Preference on page 192). If
you do not, the DSL settings take precedence over the cable or fiber
settings. However, NETGEAR recommends that you connect only the
modem that you intend to use for your Internet connection: a DSL
modem, cable modem, or fiber modem.
Specify a Cable or Fiber Connection Without a Login
If you want to manually configure the cable or fiber connection settings, use the information
that your ISP gave you to connect to your Internet service. If you cannot find this information,
contact your ISP. Entering incorrect information might prevent the modem router from
connecting to the Internet.
The modem router provides a virtual Internet interface and a virtual IPTV interface. In most
situations, you only need to configure the Internet interface. If you use an IPTV device, you
might also need to configure the IPTV interface. Follow the directions that your ISP gave you.
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