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Voice Job mode
Reference Voice mode
Voice Job mode
The Voice Job mode contains various convenient
operations (called “Jobs”), which are useful in editing
and archiving your original voices.
Basic Procedure
1In the Voice Play mode, select a voice you wish to
execute the Job on.
2Press the [JOB] button to enter the Voice Job
3Select the desired Job menu by pressing the
appropriate button, [F1] - [F6].
4Set the relevant Job parameters.
5Press the [ENTER] button. (The display prompts
you for confirmation.)
6Press the [INC/YES] button to execute the Job.
After the Job has been completed, a “Completed”
message appears and operation returns to the
original display.
nTo cancel the Job, press the [DEC/NO] button.
For Jobs that take longer to process, you will see the
message “Executing…” during processing. If you switch
off the power of the MOTIF while this message is
displayed, you risk corrupting your data.
7Press the [VOICE] button to exit from Voice Job
mode and return to Voice Play mode.
•For detailed instructions on steps #3 - #4, see the
explanations below.
[F1] Initialize
This function lets you reset (initialize) all voice
parameters to their default settings. It also allows
you to selectively initialize certain parameters, such
as Common settings, settings for each Element/
Drum key, and so on — very useful when creating a
completely new voice from scratch.
Type of parameter to be initialized
When a Normal voice is selected:
ALL, Common, EL1 ~ 4
When a Drum voice is selected:
ALL, Common, EL
nIf you turn the check mark on, you can select a
Drum key. For details on selecting a key, see “Basic
Operation” on page 75.
When a Plug-in voice is selected:
ALL, Common, EL
[F2] Edit Recall
If you are editing a voice and select a different voice
without storing your edited one, all the edits you’ve
made will be erased. If this happens, you can use
Edit Recall to restore the voice with your latest edits
[F3] Copy
From this display you can copy Common and
Element/Drum Key parameter settings from any
Voice to the Voice you are editing. This is useful if
you are creating a Voice and wish to use some
parameter settings from another Voice.
• Source voice
Select a Voice and data type to be copied.
Data type
When a Normal voice is selected:
Common, Element 1 ~ 4
When a Drum voice is selected:
Common, Drum key C0 ~ C6
When a Plug-in voice is selected:
Common, Element
nIf the source Voice type (Normal/Drum/Plug-in)
differs from one of the Voice you are currently
editing (destination), you will only be able to copy
Common parameters.
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