162 MOTIF Reference
Performance Play mode
Reference Performance mode
Performance Play mode
Basic Structure (page 31) · Quick Start Guide (page 88)
In this mode, you can select and play individual User
nFor details about the performances and their memory
(bank) structure, see page 40.
Basic Procedure
Basic Operation (page 67)
1Press the [PERFORMANCE] button to enter the
Performance Play mode. (The indicator lights.)
2 Select a performance.
3 Set the Keyboard Octave or MIDI transmit
4 Turn individual parts of the performance on or off
(mute) as desired.
5 Select the menu you wish to edit by pressing the
[F2] - [F6] buttons and edit the parameters in each
6 Store the settings edited in step #5 to the User
Memory as required.
7 Press any other mode button to exit from the
Performance Play mode.
• For detailed instructions on steps #2 - #5, see the
following explanations.
• For details on step #6, refer to “Performance
Store mode” on page 176.
Performance Selection
The explanations here apply to step #2 of the Basic
Procedure above.
Selecting performances is done in basically the same
way as selecting voices (page 124), except for the
following point.
• Since the MOTIF has no Preset performances
and provides only one User bank, selecting a
bank is not necessary.
Keyboard Octave and Keyboard
MIDI transmit channel settings
The explanations here apply to step #3 of the Basic
Procedure on page 162.
The two parameters set here affect all selected
performances. Setting these parameters is the same as
in the Voice Play mode (page 127). Keep in mind that
these parameters cannot be stored to the performance
by using the Performance Store mode (page 176).
Indicates the Keyboard
MIDI transmit channel.
See page 162 for details.
Indicates the current selected Performance.
Indicates the functions
assigned to the respective
Control knobs. See page
256 for details.
Indicates Keyboard Octave setting
set is the [OCTAVE] buttons.
See page 82 for details.
(selected via the
NUMBER [1]-[16]
(selected via the GROUP
[A]-[H] buttons)
Performance Program number
(corresponding to Groups A
to H and Numbers 01 to 16)
Performance nameCategory
Keyboard MIDI transmit channel
Keyboard octave setting
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