166 MOTIF Reference
Performance Edit mode
Reference Performance mode
Basic Procedure
1Press the [PERFORMANCE] button to enter the
Performance Play mode. (The indicator lights.)
2Select a Performance to be edited.
3Press the [EDIT] button to enter the Performance
Edit mode. (The indicator lights.)
4Select a Part to be edited.
• To edit parameters common to all of the parts,
press the [DRUM KITS] button (which serves as
a “COMMON” button here).
• To edit parameters of the individual parts, select
the desired part with the corresponding
NUMBER button ([1] - [4], or in the case of the
Plug-in parts, [1] - [3]).
To switch between the Part 1 - 4 display and the
Plug-in Part 1 - 3 display, press the [F6] button.
5 Select the menu you wish to edit by pressing the
[F1] - [F6] and [SF1] -[SF5] buttons.
6Edit the parameters for the selected performance.
7Store the settings edited in step #6 to the User
Memory as required.
8Press the [EXIT] button to exit from the
Performance Edit mode.
• For details on step #2, refer to “Performance Play
mode” on page 162.
• For detailed instructions on steps #5 - #6, see the
explanations below.
• For details on step #7, refer to “Performance
Store mode” on page 176.
Common edit
[F1]-[SF1] Common General Name
From this display you can create a name for the
performance. The performance name can contain
up to 10 characters. For detailed instructions on
naming, see “Basic Operation” on page 75.
[F1]-[SF3] Common General
Master EQ Offset
From this display you can adjust the master (global)
EQ settings for all parts of the selected performance.
The level of each of the four bands (with the
exception of “MID”) can be adjusted. Moreover,
you can also tweak these settings directly from the
four Knobs on the front panel.
Parts to which
Plug-in voices
are assigned
Parts to which
Internal voices are
Indicates a Common Edit display.
Indicates a display for editing Part 1.
Plug-in part 1
Plug-in part 2
Plug-in part 3
< Display for editing parts 1 - 4>
[F6] button
< Display for editing Plug-in parts 1 - 3 >
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