18 MOTIF The Controls & Connectors
Rear Panel
The Control & Connectors
1POWER Switch (page 29)
Press to turn power ON or OFF.
2AC Power Cord Socket (page 20)
Be sure the plug the AC power cord into this socket
before plugging the power cord into an AC outlet.
Use only the AC power cord supplied with the
MOTIF. If the supplied cord is lost or damaged and
needs to be replaced, contact your Yamaha dealer.
The use of an inappropriate replacement can pose a
fire and shock hazard!
3mLAN expansion board (mLAN8E) or I/O
expansion board (AIEB2) cover (page 22)
Either the mLAN expansion board (mLAN8E) or
the I/O expansion board (AIEB2) sold separately
can be installed to the MOTIF.
With the mLAN8E board, you can conveniently
and easily hook up your MOTIF to other mLAN-
compatible instruments or devices. The AIEB2
board gives you additional digital I/O options,
featuring both optical and coaxial connectors.
Moreover, the board also includes three stereo
ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT pairs (six analog jacks).
4OPTICAL OUT connectors (page 22)
For output of digital audio, via optical fiber cables
(at 44.1kHz).
5USB connector (page 25)
For connection to a computer having a USB
interface. The USB interface provides multi-port
MIDI operation not possible with a single MIDI
nThe USB connection can only be used for transfer of
MIDI data. No audio data can be transfered via USB.
USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. It is
a serial interface for connecting a computer with
peripheral devices, and enables much faster data
transfer (12Mbps) compared to conventional serial
port connections. Also, it allows “hot swapping”
(connecting peripheral devices while the power to
the computer is on).
6MIDI IN/OUT/THRU connectors (page 24)
MIDI IN is for receiving control or performance
data from another MIDI device, such as an external
MIDI THRU is simply for redirecting any received
MIDI data (via MIDI IN) to connected devices,
allowing convenient chaining of additional MIDI
MIDI OUT is for transmitting all control,
performance and playback data from the MOTIF to
another MIDI device, such as an external sequencer.
7BREATH Controller Jack (page 28)
Connect an optional Yamaha BC2 Breath Controller
here for expressive breath control capability.
8FOOT SWITCH jacks (page 28)
For connection of optional FC4 or FC5
Footswitches. When connected to the SUSTAIN
jack, the Footswitch controls sustain. When
connected to ASSIGNABLE, it can control one of
various different assignable functions.
9FOOT CONTROLLER jacks (page 28)
For connection of optional foot controllers (FC7,
etc.). Each jack lets you continuously control one of
various different assignable functions — such as
volume, tone, pitch, or other aspects of the sound.
)ASSIGNABLE OUT L and R jacks (page 21)
Line level audio signals are output from the MOTIF
via these phone jacks (1/4" mono phone plug).
These outputs are independent of the main output
(at the L/MONO and R jacks below), and can be
freely assigned to any of the Parts. This lets you
route specific Voices or sounds for processing with a
favorite outboard effect unit.
!OUTPUT L/MONO and R jacks (page 21)
Line level audio signals are output via these phone
jacks. For monophonic output, use just the L/
MONO jack.
@PHONES jack (page 21)
For connection to a pair of stereo headphones.
#A/D INPUT jacks (page 23)
External audio signals can be input via these phone
jacks. These are used primarily for recording
samples — either with a microphone, making the
proper Utility settings (page 250), or from other
audio equipment, such as a CD or MD player. With
the optional Vocal Harmony Plug-in board
(PLG100-VH, page 35), you can also apply special
effects and harmonies to the microphone input.
$GAIN knob
For adjusting the input gain of the audio at the A/D
INPUT jacks (above). Depending on the connected
device (microphone, CD player, etc.), you may need
to adjust this for optimum level.
%SCSI connectors (page 27)
This SCSI-2 50-pin connector (D-sub, half-pitch)
can be used to connect to an external SCSI data
storage device — allowing you to conveniently save
and store large quantities of data.
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