182 MOTIF Reference
Song Play mode
Reference Song mode
Raises or lowers the pitch of the note(s) on the selected
grid in semitones.
Settings 99 ~ +99
Shifts the timing of the note(s) on the selected grid
forward or back ward in clock increments.
Settings 120 ~ +120
• GATE OFFSET (Gate time Offset)
Lengthens or shortens the note(s) on the selected grid in
clock increments.
Settings 120 ~ +120
• VELO OFFSET (Velocity Offset)
Increases or decreases the velocity of the note(s) on the
selected grid.
Settings 127 ~ +127
[F3] Song Play Output Channel
From this display you can set the MIDI output
channel for each of the sixteen tracks, and
determine which MIDI port the track data is sent to.
• OUT CH (Output Channel)
Sets up channel transmission to the MIDI OUT terminal.
Tracks set to “Off” will not sound.
Settings off, 01 ~ 16
nIn the Song/Pattern mode, the MIDI data created by
playing the keyboard/knobs/wheels is sent to the tone
generator block or the external MIDI devices via the
MIDI output channel of the currently selected track.
• Port
Determines the MIDI transmission port for the
corresponding track. This is useful for sending data to
external tone generators over multiple MIDI ports in an
extended MIDI setup. Keep in mind that this parameter can
only be set for tracks having assignments to Plug-in parts 1 - 3
(for installed single-part boards) or Plug-in parts 17 -32 (for
installed multi-part boards). Tracks using the internal tone
generator parts of the MOTIF are automatically fixed at port 1.
Settings off, 01 ~ 03
nPort data can be output only through the USB
terminal. No port data is transmitted through the
MIDI OUT terminal, even if the corresponding
track is set to a specific port number.
[F4] Song Play Track Loop
From this display you can determine whether the
data in the selected track loops or not in playback.
Using Loop can be an effective way to repeat short
patterns and phrases throughout the song.
Settings on, off
In the example below, a 40-measure song has been
recorded and Track 1 is set to play back normally
over the 40 measures. Track 2 has been set to loop,
and will repeat until the [] button is pressed.
When set to on, you can specify the range to be
looped. (Only the end point can be set, the start
point of looped playback is fixed to the beginning of
the song.) Please note that the part that is not
looped is deleted after setting to on.
1Press [F1] to call up the Song Play display. Change
the current measure that is to be a last measure of
looped playback.
2Press [F4] to call up the Track Loop display and
move the cursor to the desired track.
Track 1
(40 measures
of data)
Track 2
(4 measures
of data)
The four-measure data is repeated
ten times.
In this example, set to "004."
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