MOTIF Reference
Song Record mode
Reference Song mode
3Set to on by using the [INC/YES] and [DEC/NO]
buttons or the data dial. (The display prompts you
for confirmation.)
4Press the [INC/YES] button. The Loop is set to on
and the part that is not looped is deleted
[F5] Song Play Copy Phrase
You can copy s Pattern track data (Phrase) to a Song
track. You can also copy the preset phrase that does
not assigned to the Pattern track by the Patch
function (page 219).
[F6] Song Play Chain Play/Edit
This function allows songs to be “chained” together
for automatic sequential playback.
This is particularly convenient in live performance
situations, letting you have your song backing play
automatically in “jukebox” fashion while you
perform over it. Highlight the desired point in the
chain, then use the [INC/YES] and [DEC/NO]
buttons or data dial to set the desired song number
or parameter below.The MOTIF allows you to
create one Song Chain setting.
Parameters other than the song number are explained here.
• skip
Skips past (ignores) the selected chain number and
continues playback from the next chain number.
• stop
Stops the song chain playback at that chain number. You
can restart the song chain playback from the next chain
number by pressing the [F] button.
• end
Indicates the end mark of the song chain data.
Song Record mode
Quick Start Guide (page 110)
In this mode, you can use the sequencer to record your
keyboard performance in real time to each track of a
User Song.
nFor details about recording methods, see page 53.
Basic Procedure
Basic Structure (page 53)
1 In the Song Play mode, select a User Song to be
2 If necessary, set a Song Scene (page 115).
3 Press the [REC] button to enter the Song Record
mode. (The indicator lights.) The Song Record
Setup display shown below appears.
4 Set basic parameters for recording (e.g., recording
type, track, tempo, and so on).
nPlease note that the time signature can be set in the
Song Play display. See page 179.
5 Change the display by pressing the [F2] - [F3]
buttons and set various parameters for recording.
nYour performance on the keyboard and the
controllers (Knobs, Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation
wheel, and so on) is recorded to tracks 1 - 16. The
Tempo (“TMP”) track is for recording tempo
changes, while the Scene track is for changes to the
Song Scene numbers and Track Mute settings.
6 Press the [F] button to start recording.
•When any of the Realtime recording methods
(any setting other than “step”) is selected in step
#4, your keyboard playing and controller moves
are automatically recorded.
• When “step” is selected in step #4, compose
your performance by entering a note one by one.
Source Phrase
If sample data is included in the original
Phrase and you want to copy all of the
data, make sure to checkmark this box.
Specify the source track and
measure of the current selected
After completing the settings,
press the [ENTER]
button to execute the Copy
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