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Song Record mode
Reference Song mode
Dotted notes can also be entered using the TIE function.
To produce a dotted 1/4 note, for example, set the step
time to an 8th note, enter a note and then press [F4] twice.
Press this to actually delete the note events at the current
cursor position.
Moves the pointer backward by one step and deletes all
notes at that location.
nMistakenly entered notes can be erased by pressing
[F6] immediately after they are entered (before
changing the step time value).
Entering other events
When entering non-note events (such as control
change data), the display is basically the same as
that for note data.
The following descriptions apply to non-note
• Value
When the event to be entered is something other than
“note,” this determines the value of the specified non-note
When event is set to to “p.bend” :
- 8192 ~+8191
When event is set to “CC (Control Change) #001~119” :
000 ~127
When event is set to “tempo” (RecTrack is set to “tempo” ):
001 ~300
Examples of Step Recording
The explanations here apply to steps #6 - #7 of the
Basic Procedure on page 183, page 184.
This section explains how to step-record notes, using
three specific examples.
1 Set the parameters as illustrated below.
Here, we’ll set the Step Time to (480) so that
quarter notes will be entered, and set the GateTime
to 100% to have the notes play in legato.
2 Play the keys C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C in order.
Each time you press a key and release it, the
pointer moves forward by one step and the played
note is recorded.
3Move the pointer to the top (beginning) of the
song and press the [F] button to hear the note
data you just recorded in steps #1 and 2.
The TIE function is not available for non-note events.
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