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Example 2 (Using the TIE function)
1Set the parameters as illustrated below.
Since the first note is a half note, set the StepTime
to (960), and set the GateTime to 80%, since you
don’t want the notes to play in legato.
2Enter the first note F.
3Enter the next 8th notes.
Keep the display settings unchanged for the
remaining notes in the measure, and press/release
each key one by one as shown below.
4Follow the instructions below to enter the next
dotted half note.
5 Enter the last quarter note by pressing and
releasing F.
(1) Press and release F.
(2) Change this value to 240,
since the next note is an 8th note.
(3) Press the [F4] button to tie the
two F notes (half note and 8th note).
(2) Press and release A
(3) Press [F4] twice to expand the quarter note to a dotted half note.
(1) Change this to 480.
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