MOTIF Reference
Song Edit mode
Reference Song mode
• Voice
Determines the voice for the selected track.
You can use the BANK, GROUP, NUMBER button or the
Category Search function to select a voice (page 124). You
can also select a Sample voice (page 58).
• Voume
Determines sound volume for the selected track.
Settings 0~127
• Pan
Determines the stereo pan position the selected track.
Settings L63 (Left) ~ C (Center) ~ R63 (Right)
• InsEF (Insertion Effect Part Switch)
Determines whether the Insertion effect (page 39) for the
selected track is on or off.
Settings on, off
[F3] Song Record Arpeggio
From this display you can set various Arpeggio-
related parameters for the selected track.
• Bank
Determines the specific Arpeggio Bank. For details, see
page 55.
Settings pre1, pre2, user
• Type
Determines the Arpeggio type. The two-letter prefix before the
name indicates the general Arpeggio category. (page 55 )
• Velocity Limit
Determines the lowest and highest velocity in the
Arpeggio’s velocity range. While recording, this lets you
control when the Arpeggio sounds by your playing
Settings 1~127
• Switch
Determines whether Arpeggio playback is on or off. You
can also turn this on or off from the front panel with the
Settings off, on
• Hold
Determines whether the Arpeggio playback is “held” or
not. When this is set to “on,” the Arpeggio cycles
automatically, even if notes are released, and it continues
to cycle until the next note data is received.
Settings sync-off, off, on
• PartSwitch
Determines whether Arpeggio playback is on or off for the
tone generator part (page 55) that corresponds to the
recorded track.
Settings off, on
Song Edit mode
This mode gives you comprehensive, detailed controls
for editing the MIDI events of individual song tracks.
MIDI events are messages (such as note on/off, note
number, program change number, etc.) that make up
the data of a recorded song.
Basic Procedure
Basic Operation (page 70)
1 In the Song Play mode, select a User Song to be
2 Press the [EDIT] button to enter the Song Edit
mode. (The indicator lights.) The Song event List
display shown below appears.
3 Revise, insert or delete the MIDI events as needed.
If you find the display too cluttered, you can filter
out certain event types with the View Filter.
Simply press the [F2] button and select the event
types you want to be displayed.
4 After completing editing, press the [SONG] button
to return back to the Song Play mode.
5 Press the [F] button to hear your edited data.
6 Edit other tracks as required. Repeat steps #2
through #5 as desired.
7 After editing, save your song data to the Memory
Card or the SCSI device connected to the MOTIF
in the File mode.
• For detailed instructions on step #3, see the
following explanations.
• For details on step #7, refer to “File mode” on
page 266.
Determines whether Arpeggio playback data is
recorded to the track or not. (Press the [F4] button.)
(480 clocks per quarter-note)
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