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[F2]-04 Crescendo
This Job lets you create a crescendo or decrescendo
over the specified range of notes. (Crescendo is a
gradual increase in volume, and decrescendo is a
gradual decrease.)
• Velocity Range
Determines the intensity of the crescendo or decrescendo.
The velocity values of the notes in the specified range are
gradually increased or decreased starting at the first note
in the range. The velocity of the last note in the range
becomes the original velocity of the note plus the Velocity
Range value. If the resultant velocity is outside the 1 ~
127 range it is set to 1 or 127 accordingly. Settings greater
than 0 produce a crescendo, and settings less than 0
produce a decrescendo. A setting of 0 produces no effect.
Settings -127 ~ +127
[F2]-05 Transpose
Transpose lets you change the key or pitch of the
notes in the specified range.
• Note
Determines the range of note pitches over which the job is
applied.You can set this parameter by pressing the desired
key while holding the [INFORMATION] button.
Settings C-2 ~ G8
• Transpose
Transposes notes in the specified range (in semitones). A
setting of +12 transposes up one octave, while a setting of
-12 transposes down an octave. A setting of 0 produces no
Settings -127 ~ +127
[F2]-06 Glide
The Glide Job replaces all notes following the first
note in the specified range with pitch bend data,
producing smooth glides from note to note. This is
ideal for producing guitar-like slide or note-bending
• GlideTime
Determines the length of the glide. Higher values produce
a longer glide between notes.
Settings 000~100
• PB Range (Pitch Bend Range)
Determines the maximum pitch bend range to be applied
by the glide job (in semitones).
Settings 01~24
[F2]-07 Create Roll
This Job creates a series of repeated notes (like a
drum roll) in the specified range with the specified
continuous changes in clock step and velocity. This
is ideal for creating fast staccato rolls and special
stuttering effects.
• Roll Step
Determines the size of the step (i.e. the number of clocks)
between each note in the roll. Both the starting and ending
clock values can be specified, making it easy to create rolls
in which the step size varies from note to note.
Settings Start Step 001~999
End Step 001~999
Track Range
Track Range
Track Range
Track Range
Roll VelocityRoll Step
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