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Song Job mode
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[F2]-09 Separate Chord
This job slightly separates notes in chords within
the specified range, inserting a specified number of
clocks between each note. Use this job after the
Chord Sort Job above, to create guitar-like upstroke
or downstroke effects.
• Clock
Determines the number of clock cycles inserted between
adjacent chord notes.
Settings 000 ~999
nNote that there are 480 clock cycles per quarter
nIt is not possible to separate chords so that they
cross the next measure boundary or chord.
[F3] Event Job
Press the [F3] button in step #3 of the Basic Procedure
on page 193 so that the Event Job list appears on the
display. Scroll the cursor to the desired Job and press
the [ENTER] button to go to the display of the selected Job.
The following explanations apply to step #6 of the
Basic Procedure on page 193.
nBefore executing the Event Job, make sure that you
specify the track and range (measure : beat : clock) to
which the job is applied. Please note that the track to be
specified varies depending on the Job.
[F3]-01 Shift Clock
This Job shifts all data events in the specified range
forward or backward by the specified number of
One useful application for this would be to change
the rhythmic feel of a drum track or bass track,
subtly shifting it in time relative to the other tracks
— to create a rushed feel or a laid-back feel.
• Clock
Determines the amount by which the data will be delayed
or advanced in measures, beats, and clocks.
Settings 000:0:000 ~ 999:16:479
• Direction
Determines the direction in which the data will be shifted.
ADVANCE moves the data toward the beginning of the
sequence, while DELAY shifts the data toward the end of
the sequence.
Settings Advance, Delay
[F3]-02 Copy Event
This Job copies all data from a specified source
range to a specified destination location.
• Source track and range, Destination track
and range
Track 01~16, tmp (tempo), scn (scene), all
Range 001:1:000 ~ 999:16:479
• NumberOfTimes
Determines the number of times the data is copied.
Settings 01 ~ 99
When Copy Event is executed, any data already existing at
the Destination location will be overwritten.
Track Range
Original data
Quarter-note length
Track Range
Source track and range in measures, beats, and clocks
Destination track and range in measures, beats, and clocks
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