20 MOTIF Setting Up
Power Supply
Setting Up
Setting Up
This section explains how to connect your MOTIF to an AC power source, external audio and MIDI devices, and a
computer system. Only switch the MOTIF on after you have made all the necessary connections.
It is recommended that you read this section before using the MOTIF.
Power Supply
1Make sure the POWER switch on the MOTIF is set to OFF.
2Connect the supplied power cord to the AC INLET terminal on the instrument’s rear panel.
3Connect the other end of the power cord to an AC outlet. Make sure your MOTIF meets the voltage requirement
for the country or region in which it is being used.
Make sure your MOTIF is rated for the AC voltage supplied in the area in which it is to be used (as listed on the rear
panel). Connecting the unit to the wrong AC supply can cause serious damage to the internal circuitry and may even
pose a shock hazard!
Use only the AC power cord supplied with the MOTIF. If the supplied cord is lost or damaged and needs to be
replaced, contact your Yamaha dealer. The use of an inappropriate replacement can pose a fire and shock hazard!
The type of AC power cord provided with the MOTIF may be different depending on the country in which it is
purchased (a third prong may be provided for grounding purposes). Improper connection of the grounding conductor
can create the risk of electrical shock. Do NOT modify the plug provided with the MOTIF. If the plug will not fit the
outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. Do not use a plug adapter which defeats the grounding
Power cord
AC INLET terminal
rear panel
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