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Song Job mode
Reference Song mode
Undo/Redo cannot be used to undo/redo a Clear operation
for tracks that contain sample data.
[F5]-05 Normalize Play Effect
This job rewrites the data in the selected track so
that it incorporates the current Grid Groove
• TR (Track)
Determines the song track to which the Job is applied.
Settings 01~16, all
[F5]-06 Divide Drum Track
Separates the note events in a drum performance
assigned to a specified track, and places the notes
corresponding to different drum instruments in
separate tracks (tracks 1 through 8).
One useful application for this would be to use
Quantize (page 194) and Shift Clock (page 198) to
independently adjust the timing of different drum
parts in the rhythm, to tighten up the timing and yet
create a more natural sounding feel.
• TR (Track)
Determines the song track to which the job is applied.
Settings 01~16
nIn order to use this Job, tracks 1 - 8 must be empty.
If there aren’t enough empty tracks, an error
message appears. If this happens, use the Clear
Track Job (page 202) to delete tracks 1 - 8, then try
the Job again.
[F5]-07 Put Phrase To ARP
Basic Structure (page 56)
This Job copies data in the specified measures of a
track for creating Arpeggio data. Note that
Arpeggio data can be made up of data from four
separate tracks; however, the Job must be performed
separately on each track, one by one.
• Source Song track and range
Settings Track 01~16
Range 000~999
• Destination Arpeggio number and its track
This parameter allows you also to name a Destination
Arpeggio. For details about the naming function, see
“Basic Operation” on page 75.
Settings Track 1~4
• Fixed Note Mode
When this box is checkmarked, the resulting Arpeggio
(first 16 notes) is played back no matter which key is
played. Checkmark this when creating rhythm Arpeggios
containing only drum/percussion sounds.
[F6] Song Job
Press the [F6] button in step #3 of the Basic Procedure
on page 193 so that the Song Job list appears on the
display. Scroll the cursor to the desired Job and press
the [ENTER] button to go to the display of the selected
The following explanations apply to step #6 of the
Basic Procedure on page 193.
[F6]-01 Copy Song
This Job copies all data from a selected source song
to a selected destination song.
Settings 01~64
Source Song track and range
Destination Arpeggio number and its track
Source Song
Destination Song
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