204 MOTIF Reference
Song Job mode
Reference Song mode
• Source song
Settings 01~64
• Destination Song
Settings 01~64
[F6]-02 Split Song To Pattern
This Job allows you to copy a part of the current
song — all 16 tracks over a specific range of
measures — to a specific section and style, letting
you use song data to create a pattern.
• Source song range (in measures)
Settings 001~999
• Destination pattern (style and section)
Settings Style 01~64
Section A~H
• Copy Sample
When this box is checkmarked, sample voices assigned to
each track in the source song are copied to the split
destination style as sample voices and are assigned to the
corresponding tracks in that pattern. This checkbox has
no effect if no sample voices are assigned to the tracks in
the source song.
This Job overwrites any data already existing in the
destination pattern.
[F6]-03 Clear Song
This job deletes all data from the selected song or all
• Song(s) from which data is to be cleared
Settings 01~64, all
[F6]-04 Song Name
Basic Operation (page 75)
This Job lets you assign a name to the selected song.
See “Basic Operation” on page 75.
Source song range (in measures)
Destination pattern (style and section)
Song(s) from which data is to be cleared
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