MOTIF Reference
Song Mixing mode
Reference Song mode
• Template number
Determines the template number. Up to 16 templates can
be created.
Settings 1~16
• Template name
Determines the name of the template. For details about
naming, see “Basic Operation” on page 75.
Song Mixing Edit mode
(Detailed Mixer functions)
The Compare Function
This convenient function lets you switch between the
edited mixing setting and its original, unedited
condition — allowing you to listen to the difference
between the two and better hear how your edits affect
the song.
1 In the Song Mixing Edit mode, press the
[COMPARE] button so that its indicator flashes.
The [ ] indicator is shown at the top of the
display (in place of the [ ] indicator), and the
original, unedited Song Mixing settings are
restored for monitoring.
2 Press the [EDIT] button again to disable the
“Compare” function and restore the settings for
your edited Song.
nWhile Compare is active, you cannot make Song
Mixing edits.
Common edit and Part edit
Use Common Edit to edit the settings common to all
parts. There are two types of Song Mixing displays:
those for Common Edit, and those for editing
individual parts.
nCommon Edit operations cannot be performed on
the Multi-part Plug-in parts 17 - 32.
Basic Procedure
1 In the Song Play mode, select a User Song to be
2 Press the [MIXING] button to enter the Song
Mixing mode. (The indicator lights.)
3 Press the [EDIT] button to enter the Song Mixing
Edit mode. (The indicator lights.)
4 Select a part to be edited.
• To edit parameters common to all parts, press the
[DRUM KITS] button (which serves as a
“COMMON” button here).
Indicates a Common Edit display.
Indicates a display for editing Part(s).
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 16
Plug-in Part 1
Plug-in Part 2
Plug-in Part 3
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