210 MOTIF Reference
Song Mixing mode
Reference Song mode
[F6]-[SF1] Song Mixing Common Effect
Basic Structure (page 41)
This display gives you comprehensive control over
the effect connections.
Same as in Performance Common Edit. See
page 169.
[F6]-[SF2], [SF3],[SF4],[SF5]
Common Effect Parameter
Plug-in Insertion, Reverb, Chorus, Variation
Basic Structure (page 39)
The number of parameters and values available
differs depending on the currently selected effect
type. For more information, see the Effect Type List
in the separate Data List booklet.
Part Edit
nPlease note that the Muti-Part Plug-in Part (17~32)
settings apply not to one individual song but to all 64
[F1]-[SF1] Song Mixing Part Voice
From this display you can select the voice for each
part. When the cursor is located at the Bank
parameter, you can directly select a voice by using
the appropriate BANK, GROUP and NUMBER
buttons on the panel (as long as the [TRACK
SELECT] indicator is off). (pages 124~125)
[F1]-[SF2] Song Mixing Part Voice
Play Mode
• Mono/Poly
Determines whether the voice for the selected part is
played back monophonically (single notes only) or
polyphonically (multiple simultaneous notes).
Settings Mono, Poly
nThis parameter is not available for the part to
which the Drum Voice is assigned.
• ArpeggioSw (Arpeggio Switch)
Determines whether Arpeggio is on or off for the selected part.
Settings on, off
nArpeggioSw is not available for the Multi Part
Plug-in Parts 17~32.
• ReceiveCh (Receive Channel)
Determines the MIDI receive channel for the selected part.
Since MIDI data may be coming from many channels at
once, you should set this to match the particular channel
over which the desired controlling data is being sent.
Settings 01~16, off
[F1]-[SF3] Song Mixing Part Voice Limit
Same as in Performance Part Edit. See page 170.
[F1]-[SF4] Song Mixing Part Voice
Same as in Performance Part Edit. See page 171.
nThe Mode setting is not available for Plug-in voice
[F1]-[SF5] Song Mixing Part Voice Other
Same as in Performance Part Edit. See page 171.
nFor all Plug-in voice parts, Pitch Bend Upper and
Lower become a single parameter: PB Range.
Upper and Lower values cannot be set
independently for Plug-in parts. (See page 171.)
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