212 MOTIF Reference
Song Mixing Job mode
Reference Song mode
[F5] Song Mixing Part Receive Switch
From this display you can set how each individual
part responds to various MIDI data, such as Control
Change and Program Change messages. When the
relevant parameter is set to “on,” the corresponding
part responds to the appropriate MIDI data. Note
that two different display types (below) are
• Display showing four parts
This display type shows the Receive Switch status for four
parts at a time. Set the desired part on or off, for the
corresponding MIDI data type. To view and edit another
set of four parts, press the appropriate [NUMBER] button,
[1] to [16].
Keep in mind that since all the available parameters cannot
be simultaneously displayed, you will need to use the
cursor controls to scroll the display in order to see and set
the other parameters.
• Display showing all parameters for one part
This display type shows all of the Receive Switch settings
for a single selected part. Set the desired MIDI data type
on or off for the selected part. To select other parts, use
the NUMBER [1] - [16] buttons (making sure that the
[TRACK SELECT] button is on).
The two display types are linked and feature the same
settings, only in different formats. Use the type you feel
most comfortable with.
Song Mixing Job mode
Basic Procedure
1 In the Song Play mode, select a Song you wish to
execute the Job on.
2 Press the [MIXING] button to enter the Song
Mixing mode.
3 Press the [JOB] button to enter the Song Mixing
Job mode.
4 Select the desired Job menu by pressing the
appropriate button, [F1] - [F5].
5 Set the relevant Job parameters.
6 Press the [ENTER] button. (The display prompts
you for confirmation.)
7 Press the [INC/YES] button to execute the Job.
After the Job has been completed, a “Completed”
message appears and operation returns to the
original display.
nTo cancel the Job, press the [DEC/NO] button.
For Jobs that take longer to process, you will see the
message “Executing…” during processing. If you switch
off the power of the MOTIF while this message is
displayed, you risk corrupting your data.
8 Press the [MIXING] button to exit from Song
Mixing Job mode and return to Song Mixing mode.
• For detailed instructions on steps #3 - #5, see the
explanations below.
[F1] Initialize
This function lets you reset (initialize) all Song
Mixing parameters to their default settings. It also
allows you to selectively initialize certain
parameters, such as Common settings, settings for
each part, and so on — very useful when creating a
completely new Song Mixing program from scratch.
[SF5] button
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