MOTIF Reference
Song Mixing Job mode
Reference Song mode
Type of parameter to be initialized
All settings for the selected Song Mixing are initialized.
Common parameter settings for the selected Song Mixing
program are initialized.
Part 1~16, PLG 1~3
Part parameter settings for the selected Song Mixing
program are initialized.
[F2] Edit Recall
If you are editing a Song Mixing program and select
a different program without storing your edited one,
all the edits you’ve made will be erased. If this
happens, you can use Edit Recall to restore the Song
Mixing program with your latest edits intact.
[F3] Copy
From this display you can copy part parameter or
effect settings from any Song Mixing program to the
one you are editing. This would come in handy
when you want to use some settings from another
• Source song
Select a song and Mixing data type to be copied.
Data type Part 1~32, PLG 1~3
• Data type of Destination song (current
selected song)
Set the Part of the destination song.
Data type Part 1~32, Plug 1~3, Arp, Effect (Reverb,
nIf you choose Arp (Arpeggio) or Effect, the
Arpeggio data or Effect settings for the Voice
assigned to the source Part will be copied.
[F4] Bulk Dump
This function lets you send all your edited
parameter settings for the currently selected Song
Mixing program to a computer or another MIDI
device for data archiving.
nYou must set the correct MIDI Device Number in
order to execute a Bulk Dump. For details, see
page 258.
[F5] Performance Copy
This convenient operation lets you copy certain
settings of the four parts in a performance to the
Song Mixing program currently being edited. This
would come in handy when a certain performance
has settings that you want to use in your Song
Mixing program. Use this Job to simply copy the
settings you need.
The MIDI receive channel settings are set to match
the basic channel settings (page 260). When the
basic channel is set to “omni,” the receive channel
here is set to 1. To select a group of parameters for
copying, checkmark the appropriate box in the
Source song
Destination song (current selected song)
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