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Pattern Play mode
Reference Pattern mode
nThe Phrase Voice embedded in the Pattern phrase can be
specified from the Voice display in the Pattern Record
mode (page 223).
[F6] Pattern Play Chain Play/Edit
Explained later. See below.
[F4] Patch Function
Basic Structure (page 52) · Quick Start Guide (page 105)
The explanations here apply to step #5 of the Basic
Procedure on page 217.
In the following display, you can assign a Preset phrase
or a User phrase (recorded in the Pattern Record mode)
to each track and create a pattern that contains up to
16 tracks.
Track number, Data status, Phrase bank/
For details about the Track number and Data status,
see the illustration in step #1 of the Basic Procedure
on page 217.
The phrase bank and number can be selected via
the data dial, [INC/YES] button, or [DEC/NO]
button and assigned to the selected track. The
assigned phrase name, its time signature and length
are indicated at the top right of the display.
nThe Patch function allows you to use only User
phrases recorded to a track of the currently selected
style. If you wish to use User phrases recorded to
tracks of other styles, use the Phrase Data Copy
function, selected with [SF5] button.
Shows the current edited section. For details about
how to change sections, refer to “Section selection”
on page 218.
Measure : Beat (for current playback location)
The buttons can be used to change the location (in
measures/beats), even during playback.
[SF4] Patch Clear
You can clear the Phrase assignment to the
currently selected track by pressing the [SF4]
button. As a result, the track becomes empty.
[SF5] Phrase Data Copy
The User phrases that can be assigned with the
Patch function are limited to the ones contained in
the currently selected pattern style. This function
lets you copy phrases on other pattern styles to the
selected one.
Press the [SF5] button to call up the following
display. After setting the parameters as needed,
press the [ENTER] button to copy the phrase data.
The copy operation overwrites any data previously
existing in the destination phrase.
[F6] Pattern Chain
Basic Structure (page 52) · Quick Start Guide (page 108)
The explanations here apply to step #5 of the Basic
Procedure on page 217.
Pattern Chain allows you to string several different
Patterns (Style and Section) together to make a single
Song. The created Pattern Chain data can then be
converted into a Song.
nFor details about Pattern Chain and its track and memory
structure, see page 54.
Track number, Data status (page 217),
Phrase bank : number
[SF5] Phrase Data Copy
[SF4] Patch Clear
Measure : Beat (for current
playback location)/Total
length of the selected pattern
Phrase name, Time Signature,
and length of the Phrase assigned
to the selected track
Source style number, phrase number
After setting, press the [ENTER]
button to copy the phrase.
When this box is checkmarked,
sample voices assigned to the
source phrase are copied to the
destination phrase as sample
voices, and are assigne to the
corresponding tracks in the
selected pattern.
Destination phrase and track of
the current edited style.
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