220 MOTIF Reference
Pattern Play mode
Reference Pattern mode
Creating Pattern Chains with Realtime
Playback (Pattern Chain Recording)
This function makes it possible to specify a
sequence of patterns for pattern chain playback.
Switching of styles/sections, track muting, scene/
mute changes, and tempo changes can all be
recorded in real time.
1 In the Pattern Play mode, press the [F6] button to
enter the Pattern Chain Play mode as shown
below. Details about parameters in this display are
same as in step #1 of the Basic Procedure on
page 217.
2 Press the [REC] button to enter the Pattern Chain
Record mode. The indicator lights and the Record
Setup Display appears.
3Set basic parameters for recording (e.g., Style
number/Section, Recording Type, Track, Tempo
and so on).
• The Recording Type, Time Signature and Tempo
settings are same as in the Song Record mode.
• To record a track, select the desired track from
“TMP” (Tempo), “SCN” (Scene), and “PTN”
(Pattern). For details about the Pattern Chain
track structure, see page 54.
4Press the [F] button to start recording and play
the pattern as you like.
• When a Pattern track (1 - 16) is selected, you can
record style and section changes.
• When the Tempo track is selected, you can
record tempo changes.
• When the Scene track is selected, you can record
track muting settings.
5Press the [] button to stop recording.
Pattern Chain Editing
The Pattern Chain Edit mode makes it possible to edit the
order of the patterns in a chain as well as inserting tempo,
and scene/mute event data.
Call up the desired display by following the instructions
below and edit the events (Style/Section changes, Scene/
Mute changes, and Tempo changes) in each display.
Pattern Chain Edit mode
[EDIT] button[PATTERN]
Pattern Track Edit
[F4] button
[F4] button
[F4] button
Scene Track Edit
Tempo Track Edit
Pattern Chain Edit mode
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