MOTIF Reference
Pattern Record mode
Reference Pattern mode
The methods for editing each event in the display
above and for inserting/deleting events (by using the
[F5]/[F6] buttons) are the same as in the Song Edit
mode. See page 190.
[F6]-[EDIT]-[F2] Copy
Pressing the [SF3] button in the Pattern Chain Edit
mode calls up the Copy display below, letting you
copy all pattern chain events from a specified range
of measures (source) to a destination location. Keep
in mind that this overwrites any existing events at
the destination.
• Source range, Destination range (Measure)
Settings 001~999
• NumberOfTimes
Specifies the number of times the data is copied.
Settings 01~99
This operation overwrites any events already existing at
the destination.
[F6]-[EDIT]-[F3] Convert
This function converts the pattern chain data to
song data (standard MIDI format) and places the
results in the normal song tracks.
Pressing the [SF4] button in the Pattern Chain Edit
mode calls up the Convert display below. Specify
the desired destination song and measure number
to which the converted data is to be copied, then
press the [SF5] button to execute.
This operation overwrites any data already existing at the
destination range.
Pattern Record mode
Quick Start Guide (page 102)
The MOTIF features a wealth of preset phrases in a
variety of music genres. It also features comprehensive
phrase recording functions, that let you create your
own phrases and use them to build your own original
nFor details about recording methods, see page 53 .
About the recording track
When recording patterns, you’ll need to specify the
track to be recorded — just as is done in Song
recording. The operations differ depending on the
specific phrase assignments, as described below.
• If the preset phrase is assigned to the track...
You cannot record. Even if you specify the track to which
the preset phrase is assigned and try to record, an error
message will appear.
• If the user phrase is assigned to the track...
The data of the user phrase assigned to the specified track
is overwitten by recording.
• If the phrase is not assigned to the track...
Recording is donw to an empty user phrase. The newly
created phrase is automatically assigned to the recording
Basic Procedure
1 In the Pattern Play mode, select a pattern (style
and section) to be recorded.
2 Press the [REC] button to enter the Pattern Record
mode. (The indicator lights.) The Pattern Record
Setup display shown below appears.
3 Set basic parameters for recording (e.g., recording
track, type, tempo, and so on).
Source range
Destination range
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