222 MOTIF Reference
Pattern Record mode
Reference Pattern mode
nPlease note that the time signature can be set in the
Pattern Play display. See page 217.
nThe method for selecting the recording track is the
same as in Pattern track selection (page 218).
4 Change the display by pressing the [F2] - [F3]
buttons and set various parameters for recording.
5 Press the [F] button to start recording.
• When any of the Realtime recording methods
(any setting other than “step”) is selected in step
#3, your keyboard playing and controller moves
are automatically recorded.
• When “step” is selected in step #3, compose your
recording by entering each note individually.
6 After completing your performance (in Realtime
recording) or completing step recording, press the
[] button to stop recording.
7 Press the [F] button to hear your newly
recorded phrase.
8 Save the recorded phrase data to a memory card or
a SCSI device connected to the MOTIF.
The recorded (edited) phrase data resides temporarily in
DRAM (page 64). Because data contained in DRAM is
lost when the power is turned off, you should always store
any data residing in DRAM to a memory card or an
external SCSI device before turning off the power.
• For detailed instructions on steps #3 - #4, see the
following explanations.
• For details on steps #5 - #6, refer to “Quick Start
Guide” on page 102.
• For details on step #8, refer to “File mode” on
page 266.
nThe following explanations apply to MIDI data
recording (creating MIDI tracks). For instructions
on recording audio data (creating sample tracks),
see “Sampling mode” on page 233.
Setting up before recording
The explanations here apply to steps #3 - #4 of the
Basic Procedure on page 221, page 222.
[F1] Pattern Record Setup
Basic Structure (page 51)
When recording type is set to something other
than “step”:
When recording type is set to “step”:
• Type (Recording type)
Determines the recording method.
Settings: replace, overdub, step
nUnlike in the Song Record mode, Punch recording
is not available for pattern recording.
• Loop
Turns loop recording ON or OFF.
When ON, the phrase will play repeatedly during real-time
recording. This can be handy when recording drum parts,
allowing you to add different instruments on each pass.
When OFF recording stops after one pass through the
Settings: on, off
To erase specific notes from the recording, simultaneously
hold down the [F6] button and press the note you wish to
delete. This is especially convenient when erasing specific
instruments in a selected Drum voice.
Time signature (set in the Pattern Play display)
This lets you determine whether the Arpeggio
playback data is recorded to the Pattern track or
not. (Press the [F4] button.) When is indicated,
the Arpeggio playback data is recorded to the
Song track. This lets you turn the click sound
(metronome) on/off for recording.
(Press the [F5] button.) When
is indicated, the click sounds.
TempoTime signature
(set in the Pattern Play display).
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