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Pattern Job mode
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Pattern Job mode
The Pattern Job mode contains a comprehensive set of
editing tools and functions you can use to change the
sound of your original pattern, as created by the
Pattern Patch function or from the Pattern Record
mode. It also includes a variety of convenient
operations, such as copying or erasing data. Most of
these operations can be performed on either an entire
track or a selected range of measures in the track.
Basic Procedure
1In the Pattern Play mode, select a style and section
you wish to execute the Job on.
2Press the [JOB] button to enter Pattern Job Mode.
3Select the desired Job menu by pressing the
appropriate button, [F2] - [F6].
4Use the CURSOR buttons to scroll to the desired
5Press the [ENTER] button to go to the selected Job
6Set the relevant Job parameters.
7Press the [ENTER] button. (The display prompts
you for confirmation.)
8Press the [INC/YES] button to execute the Job.
After the Job has been completed, a “Completed”
message appears and operation returns to the
original display.
nTo cancel the Job, press the [DEC/NO] button.
For Jobs that take longer to process, you will see the
message “Executing…” during processing. If you switch
off the power of the MOTIF while this message is
displayed, you risk corrupting your data.
9If you wish to undo the changes made in the steps
above, press the [F1] button and (to select Undo/
Redo) and use the Undo function.
10Press the [PATTERN] button to exit from the
Pattern Job mode and return to the Pattern Play
• For detailed instructions on steps #3 - #9, see the
explanations below.
[F1] Undo/Redo
The explanations here apply to step #9 of the Basic
Procedure on see below.
The operations are the same as in the Song Job mode.
See page 193.
Undo/Redo does not work with sample voice operations.
[F2] Note data Job
Press the [F2] button in step #3 of the Basic Procedure
(see below), so that the Note data Job list appears on
the display. Scroll the cursor to the desired Job and
press the [ENTER] button to go to the display of the
selected Job.
The following explanations apply to step #6 of the
Basic Procedure see above.
nThe Note data Jobs in the Pattern mode are basically
same as in the Song Job mode. However, unlike in the
Song Job mode, Pattern Note data Jobs are applied to the
phrases (001 - 256) and a selected range in the phrase
(measure : beat : clock).
[F2]-01 Quantize
Same as in the Song Job mode. See page 194.
Specify the phrase and the range (in measures/
beats/clocks) over which the Job is applied.
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