232 MOTIF Reference
Pattern Mixing mode
Reference Pattern mode
The job overwrites any data already existing in the
destination pattern.
nWhen the KEEP ORIGINAL PHRASE checkbox is
checked, this job requires twice the number of
empty user phrases as the number of tracks
containing data in which to store the appended
phrase data. If the required phrases are unavailable
the alert message will appear and the job will be
aborted. If this occurs use the Clear Phrase Job
(page 230) to delete unused phrases and try again.
[F6]-04 Clear Pattern
This job deletes all data from the selected pattern,
or from all patterns.
[F6]-05 Style Name
Basic Operation (page 75)
This Job lets you assign a name to the selected style.
See “Basic Operation” on page 75.
Pattern Mixing mode
In this mode, you can set up and save mixing data for
your patterns, and set various parameters for the tone
generator parts — including the desired voice, as well
as its level, pan, EQ, effect and other settings.
How the Pattern Mixing mode affects the tone
generator parts, and how it is affected by other
elements, is made clear by the following diagram.
Pattern Mixing parameters are not actually part of the
pattern data, but rather are settings for the tone
generator, as it is played back by the pattern data. As
such, the Pattern Mixing parameter settings are not
recorded to the pattern tracks.
Even though the modes are different, the actual Pattern
Mixing operations and parameters are the same as
those of the Song Mixing mode. See page 205.
Pattern (style and section) to be cleared
Sequencer block
Tone Generator
Tone Generator
Pattern Data
Pattern Mixing
MIDI data from
external devices
affects the Pattern
Mixing settings.
Editing in the
Pattern Mixing
mode determines
the Pattern Mixing
Playback of pattern data affects
the Pattern Mixing settings.
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