242 MOTIF Reference
Sampling Job mode
Reference Sampling mode
3 Select the desired Job menu by pressing the
appropriate button, [F1] - [F3].
4 Use the CURSOR buttons to scroll to the desired Job.
5 Press the [ENTER] button to go to the selected Job
6 Set the relevant Job parameters.
7 Press the [ENTER] button. (The display prompts
you for confirmation.)
8 Press the [INC/YES] button to execute the Job.
After the Job has been completed, a “Completed”
message appears and operation returns to the
original display.
nTo cancel the Job, press the [DEC/NO] button.
nThe actual procedures in steps #7 and #8 above
may differ depending on the specific Job. Refer to
the explanantions in each Job for details.
For Jobs that take longer to process, you will see the
message “Executing…” during processing. If you switch
off the power of the MOTIF while this message is
displayed, you risk corrupting your data.
9 Press any other mode button to exit from the
Sampling Job mode.
• For detailed instructions on steps #3 - #6, see the
explanations below.
[F1] Key Bank Job
Press the [F1] button in step #3 of the Basic Procedure
see above, so that the Key Bank Job list appears on the
display. Scroll the cursor to the desired Job and press the
[ENTER] button to go to the display of the selected Job.
Audition function and Key Bank
(sample) selection
For the Key Bank Jobs that follow, the Audition
function and Key Bank selection are the same as in the
Sampling Edit mode (page 241). Here, you can call up
and perform Jobs on the sample data assigned to the
selected Key Bank. To audition the currently selected
sample, press the [SF1] button (AUDITION).
Also, note that for Jobs 01 - 04, the Keyboard control
(“KBD”) is available — letting you directly change the
Key Bank from the keyboard. (Simultaneously hold
down the [INFORMATION] button and press the
appropriate key on the keyboard.)
[F1]-01 Copy
This Job copies the data of a sample contained in a
specified Key Bank to another Key Bank.
[F1]-02 Delete
This Job deletes the specified Key Bank and its
If the Key Bank is set to “all” and the Job is
executed, all the samples of the selected Waveform
are deleted.
Source Waveform, Key Bank
Destination Waveform, Key Bank
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