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Sampling Job mode
Reference Sampling mode
nIf all the samples of the specified Waveform are
deleted, the Waveform itself is deleted.
[F1]-03 Extract
This Job deletes all unnecessary sample data
(located ahead of the Start point and located after
the End point). In effect, it extracts only the sample
data you want to use, trimming all unneeded sound
from the start and end of the sample.
If the Key Bank is set to “all” and the Job is
executed, this Job is applied to all the samples of the
selected Waveform.
[F1]-04 Move
This Job lets you move a sample contained in a
specified Key Bank to another Key Bank. This
would be useful for creating a new Waveform from
the samples of various other existing Waveforms.
nIf the last remaining sample is moved from the
source Waveform, the source Waveform itself is
[F1]-05 Normalize
This Job maximizes (normalizes) the overall level of
the specified sample. The “100” (100%) setting is a
quick and convenient way to boost the level of an
entire sample, to make it as loud as possible without
• Ratio
Specifies the post-normalization sample level.
A setting of 100% maximizes the level so that the highest
peak level in the sample is just below clipping (maximum
digital signal level).
Settings below 100% reduce the level of the sample
Settings higher than 100% will raise the sample level
above the maximum, producing deliberate clipping.
Settings 001-800%
Waveform and Key Bank containing
the sample to be deleted
Waveform and Key Bank containing
the sample to be extracted
Start Point End Point Start Point End Point
Source Waveform and Key Bank
Destination Waveform and Key Bank
Set the Waveform and Key Bank containing the
sample to be normalized.
Press the [ENTER] button to
execute the Job.
Press the [F6] (OK) button to assign the
normalized sample to the specified Key Bank.
Press the [ENTER] button to execute the
operation. If you re not satisfied with the
results, change the Ratio value and press the
[ENTER] button again.
This automatically reverts back to the original
settings and executes the operation again
with the new settings.
Press the [F5] (CANCEL) button to
cancel the operation.
Original Wave
Lower than 100%
Higher than 100%
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