254 MOTIF Reference
Utility mode
Reference Utility mode
• Freq (Frequency)
Set the center frequency. Frequencies around this point
are attenuated/boosted by the Gain setting.
Settings LOW (Low range) Peaking 63Hz ~ 2.0kHz
Shelving 32Hz ~ 2.0kHz
LOW MID (Low middle range)
MID (Middle range)100Hz~10kHz
HIGH MID (High middle range)
100Hz ~10kHz
HIGH (High range)500Hz~16kHz
• Gain
Determines the level gain for the Frequency (set above), or
the amount the selected frequency band is attenuated or
Settings -12dB~0dB~+12dB
• Q (Frequency Characteristic)
This varies the signal level at the Frequency setting to
create various frequency curve characteristics.
Settings 0.1~12.0
[F3]-[SF2] Voice Arpeggio Channel
From this display you can set parameters related to
output of the Arpeggio MIDI data.
• OutputSwitch
This enables or disables MIDI data output for the
Arpeggio function. When this is set to “on,” Arpeggio
data is sent via MIDI — allowing you to send the Arpeggio
data to an external sequencer or play back the Arpeggios
on connected MIDI tone generators.
Settings on (enable), off (disable)
• TransmitCh (Transmit channel)
Determines the MIDI channel through which Arpeggio
playback data will be sent (when Output Switch above is
Settings 1~16
[F3]-[SF3] Voice Controller Assign
Sets the parameters related to the controllers in the
Voice mode.
Details about each parameter are same as in
Performance Common Edit. See page 169 .
Settings off, 0~95
[F3] Sequencer settings
These special song- and pattern-related settings are
available only when entering the Utility mode from the
Song or Pattern mode.
[F3]-[SF1] Sequencer Click (MIDI Click)
From this display you can set the parameters related
to the click sound (metronome) that is used during
recording or playback in the Song/Pattern mode.
• Mode
Determines whether and when the metronome click will
Settings off, rec, rec/play, all
The click will not sound.
The click will sound during recording only.
The click will sound during recording and playback.
The click will always sound.
• Beat
Determines on which beats the metronome click will
Settings 16 (16th notes), 08 (8th notes), 04 (quarter
notes), 02 (half notes), 01 (whole notes)
• Volume
Determines the click sound volume.
Settings 0~127
• Rec Count
Sets the number of count-in measures provided before
actually recording starts after pressing the [F] button in
the Record standby mode .
Settings off (Recording starts as soon as the [F]
button is pressed ), 1meas~8meas
nSince the click sound is created with the internal
tone generator, using click playback affects the
overall polyphony of the MOTIF.
Knob Assign 1, 2 Foot Controller 1, 2
Breath Controller
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