MOTIF Reference
Utility mode
Reference Utility mode
[F3]-[SF2] Sequencer MIDI Filter
From this display you can set which MIDI events
will be recognized/transmitted via the MIDI IN/
OUT terminal or the USB terminal.
The settings made here apply only to song/pattern
playback data; they do not affect the MIDI events
generated by your keyboard polaying or panel
operations in the Voice and Performance modes.
[F3]-[SF3] Sequencer Other
• PtnQuantize (Pattern Quantize)
Determines the quantize value for pattern switching
during playback. When set to “1,” patterns (sections) will
always switch on the first beat of the measure during
playback. When “1/16” is selected, patterns (sections) can
be switched on any 16th beat during playback.
Settings 1 (1 measure), 1/2 (Half note), 1/4(Quarter
note), 1/8(8th note), 1/16 (16th note)
• PtnTempoHold (Pattern Tempo Hold)
Determines whether or not the tempo setting will switch
to the tempo value stored with each style when a new style
is selected during playback.
When set to “on,” the tempo will be retained when styles
are switched.
When set to “off,” the tempo will switch to that stored
with the new style when styles are switched.
Settings on, off
nThe tempo setting data in the Pattern Chain is not
affected by this parameter.
• SongEventChase
Event Chase allows you to specify which non-note data
types are properly recognized during fast-forward and
rewind operations. Normally, if a song or pattern is played
back from mid-point and/or fast-forward or rewind are
used, certain data types (such as Program Change, Pitch
Bend, and Control Change) may not play back as expected.
Setting this to a specific event ensures the playback
“integrity” of the event, even when fast-forwarding or
Settings Off, PC (Program Change), PC+PB+Ctrl
(Program Change+Pitch Bend+Control
Change), All (All events)
nKeep in mind that settings other than “off” may
result in slower operation — for example, a pause
before starting playback, or slower rewind/fast-
forward speed.
nWhen this is set to “All,” an excessive amount of
MIDI data may be generated, possibly resulting in a
MIDI error on the connected device.
• DumpExIntrval (Bulk Dump Exclusive
Interval Time)
When playing back system exclusive data (bulk data) that
is recorded on the sequence tracks, this sets the interval
that is inserted for each 1KB.
When sending bulk data from the MOTIF to a connected
MIDI device, a MIDI error may result if the device cannot
handle large amounts of data in a short time. This
parameter compensates for that by setting an interval that
provides enough time for the receiving device to process
the bulk data.
Settings 0~900 (msec)
nThe playback may be a little slower depending on
the currently set interval. Also when a MIDI error
occurs, try to set the interval a little higher and
send the data again.
• LoadMix
Determines whether the Mixing settings are loaded (on)
or not (off) when the Song/Style number is changed.
Settings off, on
nThis setting affects the Song/Pattern change during
the Song/Pattern chain playback.
• SendXGon
Determines whether the XG reset message is sent to the
Multi-part Plug-in board tone generator block (on) or not
(off) when starting the XG song or changing the Song/
Style number.
Settings on, off
[F4] Controller settings
[F4]-[SF1] Controller Assign Arpeggio
• Switch
Determines the Control Change Number that controls the
Arpeggio playback on/off.
Settings off, 01~95
• Hold
Determines the Control Change Number that controls the
Arpeggio Hold (page 129) on/off.
Settings off, 01~95
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