MOTIF Reference
Utility mode
Reference Utility mode
MTC (MIDI Time Code)
The MOTIF is synchronized to an MTC signal received
via the MIDI IN or USB terminal. MMC signals are
transmitted via the MIDI OUT or USB terminal. Use this
setting when the MOTIF is to be used as a MIDI slave,
such as when synchronized to an MTC-capable MTR.
nThe MTC Sync function is available only in the
Song mode. The Pattern playback (in the Pattern
mode) and the Arpeggio playback (in the Voice/
Performance mode) cannot be synced to MTC.
nMTC (MIDI Time Code) allows simultaneous
synchronization of multiple audio devices via
standard MIDI cables. It includes data
corresponding to hours, minutes, seconds, and
frames. The MOTIF does not transmit MTC. A
device such as the Yamaha AW4416 is necessary in
order to the MOTIF as an MTC master.
nMMC (MIDI Machine Control) allows remote
control of multitrack recorders, MIDI sequencers,
etc. A MMC-compatible multitrack recorder, for
example, will automatically respond to start, stop,
fast forward, and fast reverse operations performed
on the controlling sequencer, thus keeping
playback of the sequencer and multitrack recorder
• ClockOut
Determines whether MIDI clock (F8) messages will be
transmitted via the MIDI OUT/USB terminal.
Settings on (transmitted), off
• SeqCtrl (Sequencer Control)
Determines whether Sequencer Control signals — start,
continue, stop, and song position pointer — will be
received and/or transmitted via the MIDI OUT/USB
settings off, in, out, in/out
off Not transmitted/recognized.
in Recognized but not treansmitted.
out Transmitted but not recognized.
in/out Transmitted/recognized.
• MTC StartOffset
Determines the specific time code point from which
sequence playback starts, when MTC is received. This
feature can be used to accurately align playback of the
RS7000 with an external MTC-compatible device.
Settings Hour : Minute : Second : Frame
Hour 00 ~23
Minute 00 ~59
Second 00 ~59
Frame 00 ~29
[F5]-[SF4] MIDI Other
From this display you can set parameters related to
the MIDI terminals and port number.
Determines which physical output terminal(s)
will be used for transmitting/receiving MIDI data:
MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, USB, or mLAN (when the
optional mLAN8E has been installed).
Settings MIDI, USB, mLAN
nThree types of terminals above cannot be used at
the same time. Only one of them can be used to
transmit/receive the MIDI data.
• ThruPort (Through Port)
Many computer sequencers are capable of transmitting
data over several MIDI ports, effectively breaking the 16-
channel barrier. When using the USB terminal for MIDI
transmission/reception, you can have the MOTIF respond
to MIDI data over one port, while relaying the data for
another port number to a separate tone generator
(connected to the MIDI OUT terminal). In this way, 16
channels of data can be played on the MOTIF and another
16 can be played on the connected device. Plug-in boards
installed to the MOTIF can also be independently
addressed via separate MIDI ports (page 38), further
expanding the amount of channels.
Make sure to set Thru Port to the intended port number of
the connected device.
Settings 1~8
[F6] Plug-in board settings
When a Plug-in board is installed, the following
displays and parameters are available. The particular
parameters available depends on the type of Plug-in
board that is installed.
nAn Effect Plug-in board can only be installed to slot 1,
while a Multi-part Plug-in board can only be installed to
slot 3. Single Part Plug-in boards can be installed to any
of the three slots.
[F6]-[SF1] Plug-in board Status
• PolyExpand
This parameter is accessible only when you have two or
three identical Plug-in boards installed on the MOTIF.
The “off” setting enables two or three boards to work
separately (you can select them in two or three different
Parts). When this is set to “on,” the two boards effectively
function together as one board (used in a single part) —
giving you double the amount of polyphonic notes you can
play at one time.
Settings on, off
The name of the Plug-in Board is displayed.
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