264 MOTIF Reference
File mode
Reference File mode
• Wav Extension: .WAV
A WAV file (Windows audio format) can be loaded to the
MOTIF and can be used as a User Wave.
• Aif (AIFF file) Extension: .AIF
An AIFF file (Macintosh audio format) can be loaded to
the MOTIF and can be used as a User Wave.
nIn addition to the file types above, Yamaha A5000/
A4000/A3000/SU700 files and AKAI S1000/
S3000 files can be loaded to the MOTIF.
File types that can be loaded from the
Memory Card/SCSI storage device to the
MOTIF when turning the power on (Auto
Load file)
Among the file types described on page 262, “All”,
“Plugin All Bulk 1”, “Plugin All Bulk 2” and
“Plugin All Bulk 3” can be loaded from the Memory
card/SCSI storage device to the MOTIF's User
Memory automatically when turning the power on.
1Name the files you wish to have load automatically
when the power is turned on as described below,
and save them together in a single folder.
nAfter you’ve finished naming the appropriate files,
keep the corresponding folder selected in the
display and go to step #2.
2Press the [UTILITY] button to enter the Utility
3Press the [F1] button, then press the [SF4] button
to show the Auto Load file display.
4Set “Auto Load” to on, and press the [SF5] button.
5Turn the power off.
6Before turning the power on next time, make sure
that the appropriate data is available to the
MOTIF. In other words, make sure memory card
specified in step #1 is properly inserted, or that the
SCSI device specified in step #1 is properly
7Turn the power on. The MOTIF searches the
device and specified folder for the auto-load files
(the files you named and saved in step #1), and
automatically loads them to User memory.
nAny files in the device and folder registered in step
#4 that do not have appropriate auto-load names
are ignored.
File names
Files are named according to the MS-DOS naming
convention. If the file name contains spaces and other
characters unrecognized in MS-DOS, these characters
will automatically be replaced by “_” (underscore)
characters when saving.
For specific instructions on naming files, see page 267.
[F1] Configuration
The explanations here apply to step #2 of the Basic
Procedure on page 262.
[F1]-[SF1] CONFIG Currently recognized
• Current
In this display you can select the device to be recognized by
the MOTIF — a memory card inserted to the Card slot or a
properly connected SCSI device.
Settings Card, SCSI
File type File name
Plugin All Bulk 1
(for slot 1) AUTOLD1.W2B
Plugin All Bulk 2
(for slot 2) AUTOLD2.W2B
Plugin All Bulk 3
(for slot 3) AUTOLD3.W2B
Set this to on.
Press the [SF5] button to register the device and
folder selected in step #1 (the folder containing the
desired files for auto loading).
Volume label of the device
Amount of total memory on the device
Amount of unused (free) memory on the device
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