MOTIF Reference
File mode
Reference File mode
When the file (data) type is set to Song,
Pattern, Waveform or All Voice for Editor, an
“imaginary” file appears — just as with Voice
above. Select the imaginary file and press the
[ENTER] button to call up the list of songs,
styles, or waveforms. Then select the desired
song, style, or waveform and specify the
destination User memory location.
nIf several Key Banks (comprised of waveform/
WAV/AIFF files or recorded samples) are assigned
to the same key/velocity range, only the first two
assigned Key Banks will be used.
nWhen files of the Yamaha A series samplers
(A5000/4000/3000) are loaded, an “S” mark by
the file name indicates the file contains only sample
data and a “P” mark indicates program data (voice-
related parameters and so on). When entering the
File mode from the Voice/Performance mode, the
“P” marked file can be loaded and the following
two types can be selected instead of Waveform or
Key Bank.
• Type 1 :
Only one sample is imported to a certain
waveform. This type utilizes the various settings
of the MOTIF, and the parameters corresponding
to the four elements are also loaded. Extra
samples are not loaded.
• Type 2 :
Several samples are imported to a certain
waveform. Parameters corresponding to the four
elements are not loaded to the MOTIF. Extra
samples are not loaded.
nWhen “All” is selected as a file type to be loaded,
“ without System” appears in the display. If this
box is checked and the Load is executed, all data
with the exception of the system settings in the
Utility mode are loaded.
3Press the [ENTER] button to execute the Load
operation. After the data has been loaded, a
“Completed” message appears and operation
returns to the original display.
While the data is being loaded, never eject the Memory card
or turn off the power to the SCSI device or MOTIF itself.
Loading data to the MOTIF automatically erases and
replaces any existing data in the User memory. Make sure
to save any important data to a memory card/SCSI device
BEFORE performing any Load operations.
nThe MOTIF features a convenient Auto-load function
that automatically loads user-specified files when you
turn the power on. For details, see page 264.
[F4] Rename
From this display you can rename files in the
selected memory card/SCSI device, using up to eight
alphabetic and numeric characters.
nFiles are named according to the MS-DOS naming
convention. If the file name contains spaces and other
characters unrecognized in MS-DOS, these characters
will automatically be replaced by “_” (underscore)
characters when saving.
[F5] Delete
From this display you can delete files from the
selected memory card/SCSI device. Select the
desired file as shown below, then press the [ENTER]
Select the desired file type.
Rename the selected file here. See
"Basic Operation" on page 75.
Select the file
to be renamed.
If you wish to create a new folder on the desitination
device (to which the data is saved), press the [F6]
button to name a new folder. For instructions on
naming, see "Basic Operation" on page 75.
Select the desired file type.
Select the file to be deleted.
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