272 MOTIF Reference
Master Edit mode
Reference Master mode
• TransmitCh (Transmit Channel)
Determines the MIDI Transmit Channel for each zone.
Settings 1~16
• TGSwitch (Tone Generator Switch)
Determines whether or not to transmit MIDI messages for
each zone to each Part’s tone generator block.
Settings on, off
• MIDISwitch
Determines whether or not to transmit MIDI messages for
each zone to an external MIDI device via the MIDI or USB
Settings on, off
[F2] Zone Note
From this display you can set the pitch- and
keyboard-related parameters for each zone —
allowing you to set up zone splits and determine the
pitch range for each zone.
• Octave
Determines the amount in octaves by which the range of
the zone is shifted up or down.
Settings -3~0 (Default)~+3
• Transpose
Determines the amount in semitones by by which the
range of the zone is shifted up or down.
Settings -11 ~ 0 (Default) ~ +11
• NoteLimit H, L (High, Low)
Determines the lowest and highest notes of the range for
each zone. The selected zone will sound only when you
play notes within this range.
Settings C -2 ~G8
nYou can also set the range directly from the
keyboard, by holding down the [INFORMATION]
button and pressing the desired low and high keys.
[F3] Zone Transmit Switch
From this display you can set how the playing of
each individual zone affects transmission of various
MIDI data, such as Control Change and Program
Change messages. When the relevant parameter is
set to “on,” playing the selected zone will transmit
the corresponding MIDI data.
Note that two different display types are provided
(see below). Each display type features the same
settings in a different format; use the type you feel
most comfortable with.
• This display type shows the Transmit Switch
status for all of the zones.
Set the desired zone on or off, for the corresponding MIDI
data type. Keep in mind that since all the available
parameters cannot be simultaneously displayed, you will
need to use the cursor controls to scroll the display in
order to see and set the other parameters.
• This display type shows all of the Transmit
Switch settings for a single selected zone.
Set the desired MIDI data type on or off for the selected
zone. To select other zone, use the NUMBER [1] - [4] buttons
(making sure that the [TRACK SELECT] button is on).
[F4] Zone Preset
From this display you can make the voice-related
settings for each zone, in the selected Master program
number. In this way, selecting a different Master
automatically calls up a completely different set of
voices and voice-related setttings for the four zones.
• BankMSB, BankLSB, PgmChange (Program
Determines the voice assignment for each zone in the
selected Master.
Settings Refer to the Voice List in the separate Data
List booklet.
• Volume
Determines the output level of each zone.
Settings 0~127
• Pan
Determines the stereo pan position of each zone.
Settings L64 (Left) ~ C (Center) ~ R63 (Right)
[SF5] button [SF5] button
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