276 MOTIF Appendix
Information Displays
Pattern mode
Pattern Play mode
Indicates the amount of currently unused (available)
memory (DRAM) for Pattern Phrase recording.
Pattern Mixing mode
Same as in the Song Mixing mode.
Sampling mode
Sampling mode
• SampleMemory
Indicates the amount of memory used by Sampling.
• Recordable Size
Indicates the amount of the available sampling memory
(unused memory) and the available sampling time.
Sampling mode (Trim display only)
• SampleMemory
Same as above.
• Recordable Size
Same as above.
• Current Tempo
Indicates the calculated tempo when the Sample data
playback of the range from the Loop Start Point to the End
Point is treated as one measure.
Utility mode
• PlugInfo/Port (Plug-in board installation
Indicates the Plug-in board name and its MIDI port
number (page 260) at the right of the slot number. When
PolyExpand (page 259) is set to on in the Utility mode, “P”
is indicated at the left of the slot number.
Indicates which physical output terminal(s) will be used
for transmitting/receiving MIDI data: MIDI IN/OUT/
THRU, USB, or mLAN (when the optional mLAN8E has
been installed).
• (USB firm Ver)
Indicates the USB interface firmware version.
File mode
• Card Free
Indicates the amount of currently available (unused)
memory of the Memory card inserted to the Card slot.
• SCSI Partition, Free
Indicates the mounted partition of the SCSI device
connected to the MOTIF and its unused memory.
• Current Dir (Current Directory)
Indicates the currently selected directory.
Master mode
• Mode
Indicates the mode and program number memorized to the
currently selected Master.
• ZoneSwitch
Indicates the on/off status of the Zone switch.
• ZoneTCH (Zone Transmit Channel)
Indicates the MIDI transmit channel of each zone (when
the Zone Switch is set to on).
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