MOTIF Appendix
Installing Optional Hardware
Installing Optional Hardware
Optional units that can be installed to the MOTIF
The following optional units can be installed to the MOTIF.
Locations to which the optional units are installed
Up to three boards can be installed to the rear panel.
Installation Precautions
Before installing the optional hardware, make sure you have a Philips screwdriver.
• Before beginning installation, switch off the power to the MOTIF and connected peripherals, and unplug them from the power outlet.
Then remove all cables connecting the MOTIF to other devices. (Leaving the power cord connected while working can result in electric
shock. Leaving other cables connected can interfere with work.)
• Be careful not to drop any screws inside the instrument during installation (this can be prevented by keeping the optional units and
cover away from the instrument while attaching). If this does happen, be sure to remove the screw(s) from inside the unit before turning
the power on. Loose screws inside the instrument can cause improper operation or serious damage. If you are unable to retrieve a
dropped screw, consult your Yamaha dealer for advice.
• Install the optional units carefully as described in the procedure below. Improper installation can cause shorts which may result in
irreparable damage and pose a fire hazard.
• Do not disassemble, modify, or apply excessive force to board areas and connectors on optional units. Bending or tampering with boards
and connectors may lead to electric shock, fire, or equipment failures.
• Before handling the optional units, you should briefly touch the metal surface to which the optional unit cover is attached (or other such
metallic area — be careful of any sharp edges) with your bare hand so as to drain off any static charge from your body. Note that even a
slight amount of electrostatic discharge may cause damage to these components.
• It is recommended that you wear gloves to protect your hands from metallic projections on optional units and other components.
Touching leads or connectors with bare hands may cause finger cuts, and may also result in poor electrical contact or electrostatic
• Handle the optional units with care. Dropping or subjecting them to any kind of shock may cause damage or result in a malfunction.
• Be careful of static electricity. Static electricity discharge can damage the IC chips on the Plug-in board. Before you handle the optional
Plug-in board, to reduce the possibility of static electricity, touch the metal parts other than the painted area or a ground wire on the
devices that are grounded.
• Do not touch the exposed metal parts in the circuit board. Touching these parts may result in a faulty contact.
• When moving a cable, be careful not to let it catch on the circuit Plug-in board. Forcing the cable in anyway may cut the cable, cause
damage, or result in a malfunction.
• Be careful not to misplace any of the screws since all of them are used.
• Do not use any screws other than what are installed on the instrument.
Plug-in Boards AIEB 2 or mLAN8E SIMM
Plug-in SLOT
Plug-in Board cover
Plug-in Boards
Plug-in Board cover Plug-in Board cover
Bottom cover for optional units Bottom cover for optional units Bottom cover for
Rear cover for the
Rear cover for the
Rear cover for the
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