MOTIF Appendix
Installing Optional Hardware
4Fasten the mLAN8E to the MOTIF. Flip the unit
over, so that each connector section of the
mLAN8E can be seen from the back side of
MOTIF. Supporting the unit with one hand,
attach it to the rear of the MOTIF with the three
screws you removed earlier. If you start replacing
the screws from the center screw, it will be easy to
replace the remaining screws.
5Let the ribbon cable fall into place between the
mLAN8E and the circuit board of the MOTIF.
6Re-install the cover you removed in earlier steps,
in reverse order.
Optional SIMM Installation
You can increase the MOTIF’s sampling memory by
installing commercially available SIMMs (single
in-line memory modules). This section explains how to
carry out the installation.
Important Information about
Purchase of Expansion SIMMs for
The MOTIF does not necessarily support all
commercially available SIMMs. Before purchasing
SIMMs, please consult your Yamaha dealer or an
authorized Yamaha distributor (see list at end of the
Owner’s Manual) for advice.
Note that Yamaha cannot assume responsibility for
SIMM malfunctions.
SIMM Type and SIMM Configuration
• You need to use 72-pin SIMMs with access time of
70ns or less. The SIMM module size may be 4MB,
8MB, 16MB, or 32MB. The MOTIF is designed for use
with 32-bit (parity non-type) SIMMs, but can also
accept installation of 36-bit (parity-type) SIMMs.
• When purchasing SIMMs, make sure that the SIMM
design does not utilize more than 18 memory chips per
module. (SIMMs comprised of more than 18 chips do
not operate correctly on the MOTIF.)
• SIMMs must be installed in pairs: you can install two
• The MOTIF ships with 4MB of sampling memory
installed, and is capable of accessing up to 64MB. See
the following illustrations for details. For example, if
you add a pair of 16MB SIMMs, for example, you
increase the available sampling memory to a total of
(4 + 16 x 2 =) 36MB. If you install a pair of 32MB
SIMMs, however, the sampling memory size becomes
64MB (and the original 4MB are effectively disabled).
Rear panel of the MOTIF
Underside of the MOTIF
Slide the flat ribbon cable in the space
between the MOTIF and the mLAN8E. Underside of the MOTIF
Rear panel of the MOTIF
(This example illustration shows the MOTIF6/MOTIF7.)
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