MOTIF Setting Up
Powering Up
Setting Up
Powering Up
Power-on Procedure
Once you’ve made all the necessary connections between your MOTIF and any other devices, make sure that all
volume settings are turned down all the way to zero. Then turn on the every device in your setup in the order of
MIDI masters (senders), MIDI slaves (receivers), then audio equipment (mixers, amplifiers, speakers, etc.). This
ensures smooth signal flow from the first device to the last (first MIDI, then audio).
When powering down the setup, first turn down the volume for each audio devices, then switch off
each device in the reverse order (first audio devices, then MIDI).
nIf the SCSI device is connected to the MOTIF, first turn the SCSI device on and follow the instructions below. When turning the
power off in this case, turn the SCSI device off after all other devices.
When using the MOTIF as MIDI receiver:
Switching the MOTIF On
nBefore you switch your MOTIF on or off, first turn down the volume of any audio equipment connected to it.
1Press the POWER switch.
After a while, the default display appears (as set in the Utility parameter, Power On Mode Display).
2Raise the sound system volume to a reasonable level.
3Gradually raise the VOLUME control while playing the keyboard to set the desired listening level.
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