292 MOTIF Appendix
Notes on musical copyright
Notes on musical copyright
The MOTIF supports SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) to protect the copyrights of music software. Data
that was digitally sampled from a CD or other source cannot be saved on a memory card or SCSI disc in WAV/AIFF
format, and cannot be transmitted by using the TWE software. If you wish to save this data, you must save it in the
MOTIF’s own format.
It is prohibited to use copyrighted songs and sound data (that can be recorded via the MOTIF) for commercial
purposes. It is also prohibited to reproduce, transfer, or distribute the data, or play the data for a commercial audience
without permission from the owners of the copyright, except for personal use or application that does not infringe
the copyright. If you wish to use such data for occasions other than personal use, consult a copyright expert. Yamaha
is not responsible for any data created, reproduced, or edited using the MOTIF, nor for any reproduction or use of
such data.
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